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Real diversification

The Diversifying Strategies team, led by industry veteran Dr. Toby Goodworth (Managing Director), covers hedge funds, FoHFs, liquid alternatives, multi-asset, currency and commodities.


During the past five years, Toby and his group have pioneered new ways of thinking about alternative investment strategies and how to access them. The team has also worked to educate asset owners and the industry on new or unfamiliar asset classes, such as Alternative Risk Premia (or “Alternative Beta”). In manager research and selection for Diversifying Strategies, a highly customised approach coupled with strong technical expertise proves critical for our clients.

We provide a range of services including portfolio strategy and design, portfolio risk reviews and solutions, investment manager search and selection and due diligence.

Clients retain us as an ongoing and active advisor  to provide fully customised investment programme design and management or ongoing active advisory and monitoring solutions. We also provide services on a “modular” basis.

For each project we create a dedicated project team whose role is to partner with our client’s team and ensure that the client’s specific objectives are met.  Ours is not a “one size fits all” approach and our economic incentives are aligned with our client’s success.

Case Studies

Implementation in focus


Absolute Return, Liquid Alternatives

This Wealth Manager sought up to four new liquid alternative managers to provide diversification against their existing alternative strategies while also being attractive on a standalone basis.


Hedge Funds + Risk Premia

A Canadian corporate pension fund was looking to invest C$200m in a blended, customised portfolio of hedge funds and alternative risk premia.



This Dutch institutional investor sought to allocate EUR 110m to an enhanced passive commodities strategy targeting a c. 1.5% p.a. outperformance of the BCOM commodities index.


Currency Overlay

This Belgian pension plan was seeking an active currency overlay, aiming to passively hedge a diversified portfolio whilst adding c.1% p.a. in excess return and minimising cash-flow rolls.

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