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The first thing is their knowledge. They are very knowledgeable about the industry and all the players.

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Improving fixed income portfolios

The fixed income strategy group, led by Mathias Neidert (Managing Director, Head of Public Markets), works with a highly diverse group of investors around the world, helping them to identify the best bond managers for their needs.

From investment grade and securitised credit through to corporate high yield, emerging markets and leveraged loans, this team covers all aspects of the debt spectrum apart from private market strategies. Working with equity specialists, Mathias’ group also leads manager research for traditional Multi Asset investment.

Case Studies

Implementation in focus


Fixed Income Portfolio Design

This US wealth manager sought to update its relatively conservative fixed income portfolio in order to meet the investment target of 3-5% per annum nominal returns—a topic that has become particularly pressing for their team in a climate of inflation and rising interest rates.


Fixed Income – US Short Duration High Yield

This UK-based international property and casualty insurance group was seeking to invest USD140 million with one manager running a US-centric short duration, high yield bond portfolio. The insurer wanted to target BB-rated bonds maturing within five years to achieve a desired level of yield and keep ...


Multi-Sector Fixed Income – Leveraged Finance

The client, an Australian superannuation fund, was seeking to expand its existing allocation to US leveraged loans to include high yield bonds and securitized credit; in doing so, the client wanted to move beyond its geographically focused, US-centric remit to embrace a global opportunity set.


Core Fixed Income

The client, a European multinational property and casualty (P&C) insurer, was looking to re-tender a multi-billion-dollar, multi-currency fixed income portfolio invested in high-quality, short-duration bonds to new asset managers and reduce associated fees.

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