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Asian Credit: Sector in Brief

One Year On, Have Sustainability Disclosure Regulations Brought Clarity or Confusion?

Will Your Infrastructure Investments Withstand Inflation? The 700 Billion Dollar Question

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - February 2022

Ukraine Impact: Are Active Managers Providing Protection in Emerging Market Debt?

Alternative Risk Premia Strategies Revive and Evolve after Pandemic Rout

Navigating Opportunities in Maritime Leasing

Insurer Investment Survey

Commodities and CTAs Draw Focus as Inflation Spikes

Tackling The Committed Capital Conundrum

Illiquid Investments for Impact: Five Key Takeaways

Are Your Asset Managers Equipped to Face Today’s Cyber Threats?

Amid Macro Problems, Will Global Macro Provide Answers?

How Have Managers Performed in China’s Stock Slump?

Tactical Asset Allocation and Currency Overlay

Riding the Wave: Event-Driven Strategies Surge on ...

Global deal-making has soared since January, with the value of announced mergers and acquisitions exceeding $2.4 trillion through the end of May.

Reaching for Returns in Real Estate Debt

Amid the seemingly never-ending ‘hunt for yield’, high return real estate debt strategies are attracting investors’ attention.

Beyond Labels: Navigating the Multi Asset Universe...

The universe of strategies that invest across multiple liquid asset classes is increasingly large, diverse and complex. A new taxonomy helps investors to understand the space and develop a robust approach.

Asset Owner Investment Vehicles - Sector in Brief

More investors are launching dedicated investment vehicles to house assets rather than investing in a wide range of pooled funds, separately managed accounts or ‘funds-of-one’.

From Laggards to Leaders? Hedge Funds Slowly Embra...

Hedge fund managers have long defied the asset management industry’s drive toward greater consideration of ESG-related investment factors, but investors’ shifting priorities are sparking change.

ESG Asset Owner Survey: How Are Investors Changing...

How are investors’ ESG priorities and practices changing? We surveyed 256 investors around the globe with assets in excess of US$7 trillion to discover which approaches they now use and identify today’s key challenges.

Investor Spotlight: Nordic and Dutch Investors Dri...

Nordic and Dutch investors are shifting the ESG agenda decisively towards ‘impact’ – whether that takes the form of measuring non-financial portfolio outcomes ex post or targeting social and environmental objectives ex ante.

Renewable Energy Infrastructure: Lessons from Mana...

The renewable energy infrastructure landscape is evolving rapidly, as have asset managers’ strategies. This paper illustrates key developments through case studies of recent manager searches.

Tactical Asset Allocation and Currency Overlay

This investor previously had a TAA overlay on regional equities and bonds but not on international investments. Here, they sought to extend this approach to the international portfolio—and also consider an FX overlay—in order to drive enhanced returns.

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