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Should Investors Press Pause on Private Credit Commitments?

What Excess Return Should We Expect from an Active Equity Portfolio?

Clarifying the Case for ‘Convex’ or ‘Divergent’ Hedge Fund Strategies

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - November 2022

FTX Debacle Highlights Key Points for Investor Due Diligence

Infrastructure Investment at an Inflection Point

Three Carbon-cutting Pitfalls – and How to Avoid Them

Global Macro – Sector in Brief

DNA of a Manager Search: Impact Real Estate

Downturn Reveals Resilience of Alternative Risk Premia

Defensive Equities and Market Downturns

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - August 2022

Ukraine Impact: Are Active Managers Providing Prot...

Emerging Market Debt indices staged a significant drop in February. Active managers should have provided some protection against losses, with significant average underweight positions on Russia, but many have been hit by transaction cost headwinds and Ukraine exposure.

Alternative Risk Premia Strategies Revive and Evol...

Last year saw Alternative Risk Premia (ARP) strategies recoup a substantial proportion of the losses endured during 2020—an annus horribilis during which the bfinance ARP manager composite lost more than 10%.

Commodities and CTAs Draw Focus as Inflation Spike...

Following an extended period of ‘low-flation’, many institutional investors entered 2021 with negligible exposure to so-called ‘inflation protection’ strategies such as inflation-linked bonds and commodities. A year later, with inflation climbing above 5% in a number of developed economies, we take a closer look at commodity and CTA performance.

Investment Management Fees - Capturing Price Evolu...

The latest edition in bfinance’s biennial Investment Management Fees series. New analysis highlights areas where investors may be able to benefit from pricing trends, with ESG/Impact at the forefront.

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - February ...

bfinance’s quarterly report in February 2022: read the team’s latest insights on institutional investor activity, risk appetite, market developments and asset manager performance across all major asset classes.

Navigating Opportunities in Maritime Leasing

Since the pandemic began, developments in the shipping sector have reverberated across the global economic landscape. Looking ahead, regulatory requirements around carbon emissions will drive transformative change. Investors are cautious—but they are also sensing opportunity; maritime leasing is answering asset owners’ appetite for alternative finance strategies that provide diversification, income and even environme...

Tackling The Committed Capital Conundrum

As investor allocations to illiquid strategies have boomed, the question of what to do with the capital that is committed to and returned from those strategies has become increasingly complex.

Illiquid Investments for Impact: Five Key Takeaway...

With a clear trend towards impact-oriented investment activity among bfinance’s global client base, the bfinance research team recently held an investor training seminar focusing on illiquid strategies: Impact Investing in Private Markets.

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