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Private Equity – Asia Pacific

Emerging Markets Private Equity

Asia Multi-Strategy Hedge Funds

Risk Management Framework

Strategic Asset Allocation and Whole-portfolio Design Review

Real Estate Alternatives

Impact Real Estate – Social Housing

Core Fixed Income

Strategic Portfolio Design

Global Value Equity

ESG Passive Equity

Open-Ended Core Infrastructure

Core-plus/value-add Infrastructure

Infrastructure Fund of Funds

Private Equity Fund of Funds

Diversified Private Markets

Multi-Asset Absolute Return and Risk Parity

Private Equity & Infrastructure Blend

Multi-Asset Total Return

Multi Asset Credit

European Equity, ESG Focus

Due Diligence, US Direct Lending

Re-upping in Greenfield Infrastructure

Global Shariah Equity

Global Equity, Quality Style

Private Equity, Regional Impact

Absolute Return, Liquid Alternatives

Alternative Credit

Mid-Market Buyout Private Equity

Fee review, tailored benchmarking

Alternative Risk Premia

Value-Add Infrastructure


Global Equity

Hedge Funds + Risk Premia

Direct Lending

Infrastructure Debt

European Private Debt

Global Real Estate

European Real Estate

Risk exposures, diversification and absolute return

Municipal Bonds

ESG Emerging Market Equity

Leveraged Loans

Nordic Real Estate

Emerging Market + Asia Equity

Emerging Market Debt


Renewable Infrastructure

Smart Beta

High Yield Debt

Currency Overlay

Diversified Alternative Risk Premia

Fund of Hedge Funds