Why Work With Us?

bfinance uses a differentiated process compared with traditional large consulting firms. That’s a positive thing: their process is more customized to our needs, and they also take a fresh look at the opportunity set with every engagement.

U.S Pension Trust

What you do matters most

Every pension fund, endowment, SWF or family office is different, with unique investment implementation priorities and resources.

Steering away from advice-at-scale and buy-lists, bfinance focuses on providing each client with real customisation, rigorous analysis to support decisions and a stronger negotiating position with service providers. Most importantly, we strive to deliver the fundamentals that underpin good governance of implementation.

With governance in mind, bfinance is also committed to a conflict-free, implementation-focused business model: the firm does not manage money or offer OCIO services.

Our mission is to put greater power in investors’ hands, in an industry that frequently sees asset owners at a disadvantage in terms of alignment, resources and information. The team always strives to act as an extension of your own – not a ‘consultant.’ Senior specialists, many of them former practitioners and fund managers, work throughout each engagement.


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